Bonsai Bear - lille

Bonsai Bear - lille


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    Stykpris pr. 

Sødeste bjørn fra Sigikid.


Den flotteste bjørn fra Beast-serien, fra Tyske Sigikid. Materialer: plys med polyester fyld. Størrelse: 20 x 15 x 15 cm. Kan håndvaskes.

Bonsai Bear's historie: His mother gave birth to him five weeks before she was due – fit as a fiddle, but much much smaller than his brother and sister bears. Even going to a special mother-child health resort in the Rocky Mountains couldn't help him catch up physically to the other bear cubs who were always much stronger than him. But why should he? Bonsai Bear much prefers cuddling with his mum than going out to catch fish at the lake. He's remained a snuggly teddy to this day, and if you need a good friend all you have to do is scratch him behind the ears and he'll be yours for life!

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